Money Bracelet

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Money Bracelet
Combination of different Money Attracting Stone are used to Attract More Money, Wealth, Prosperity and Success.

Money Magnet Bracelets were designed using numerology and crystal energy to create the ideal combination to bring wealth into your life.

It is made with the most powerful crystals for money and prosperity repeated in patterns of different beads the number of abundance.

A stone of wealth that attracts abundance.

It improves self esteem and strengthens positive personality.

It releases fear and deep seated stress and helps in self expression and communication.

Citrine (Yellow) – It’s a merchant’s stone. It carries the power of Sun, which relates to Solar Plexus Chakra.

It enhances creativity and imagination. It develops positive attitude, enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind, to overcome difficulties in verbalizing thoughts and feelings.

Green Aventurine (Light Green) – Brings things into control. It defuses negative situation and turns them around, reinforces leadership qualities, stabilize state of mind and enhances creativity.

It opens you to see alternatives and possibilities.

Tiger-eye (Dark/Light yellowish Brown) – Assists accomplishing goals. Give clarity of intention. Recognizing inner resources. Proactive and Grounding stone balance lower chakras to help the correct use of power. Enhance practical perception. Help to heal issues of self worth, self criticism and blocked creativity.

Clear Quartz (Transparent) – Attract more money by healing all chakras.

It has abilities to dissolve karmic seeds. Filter out distractions and help to focus and unlocks memory.

Labradorite (Green) – It’s a stone of transformation. Energized imagination and bring new ideas.

Carnelian (Red) – Stone of motivation and leadership. Help to accept cycle of life and remove fears and give courage. Help to trust self and improve analytical abilities and clarifies perceptions.

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